Nescafe Champs # and RUSSIA


hope you all doing good … well I am 🙂  Just got back from russia ! have to say it was pretty cool !

well after the Burn river Jump where I couldn´t ride finals because of crashing like a bomb in the training …

… I went to laax for the Burton european open made it into semi finals  but I kinda f****** it up in the semis  🙂

So I decided to go to Leysin for the 5 Star TTR Nescafe Champs… which was a good decision 🙂   The comp. was pretty cool and we had perfect weather conditions – actually it was like summer!  So yeah it was a great event, cool people … def. wanna go there again next year … soo yeah I got 2nd ….Nuutti got 3rd and roope won it … everyone was just killing it 😉


yooo… and after Leysin I went to Russia for the 4 **** TTR Quiksilver New Star Invitational… which was a short decision but it was once again a good one haha:)

I guess thats how u want to get checked in in your room 🙂  a weizen beer with a breznn

I got there like 2 days earlier so I did a little bit of sight seeing, which was cool, St.Petersburg is pretty cool and a nice city !! check out some sight seein pics at the end…

but yeah the comp. went well, weather wasn´t that good but we just had fun…

First round 16 got through out of 25   – made it                                                                                   Second round Head to Head – 8 out of 16  – made it                                                                      Third round Head to Head – I was against Nuutti Niemelä which wasn´t that easy but I made it

Last round – Superfinals – kinda f****** up …. I was just happy that it was over 🙂

But I still got 2nd … so yeah stoked for sure

And for sure we had a sick after party in St.Petersburg city … went like straight to the airport at 8 o´clock in the morning 🙂

Here some pictures of Leysin and russia enjoy:)

a new update is coming soon .. watch out



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