I´m back with a new Blog !

Girls and Boys I´m back with a new Blog + some great News !

…well it took a while but now I´m back with a new blog and some great news about a great season start ! lets goo …

Got the Rising star in the MBM Magazine and some cool shots in the Basic issue of MBM thanks to Basti , Felix and Meike 🙂



I also spent 4 weeks in Mayrhofen/Hintertux -funny shreds &  good times !  After that I went to London for the London Freeze Big Air- wasn´t really my day so I decided to go to       Italy – Modena to do the  4 Star TTR Nissan Stomp it Big Air!

And yeah it was a good idea to change programm cause I won the Big Air ! ..guess that was my day then 🙂







After Italy I had some days to chill out and relax – I also went to the European premiere of „the Art of Flight“ in munich with Bernd and Herby… thanks to Quiksilver „Armin“ !


And on the 12th of Nov.  the 4 Star TTR Horsefeathers Pleasure Jam 2011 went down. The whole comp. was just amazing – the level of riding was just insane and the cool thing is        I got 3rd !   just check out the full results list ….  http://pleasurejam.com/cms/2/20027/


Here a little clip about the Pleasure Jam in the National TV- ORF                                    3205217-Snowboard–Pleasure-Jam

and yeah after the Pleasure Jam I did some filming with the Blue-Tomato crew…little part of me is coming soon so  watch out ….

clemi, phips, mathieu and me getting some lifestyle shots done 🙂

explain how to ride a corner – watch out for the Blue-Tomato Trick Tip …                     coming soon on  www.blue-tomato.com

soo yeah that´s it , I hope you like my new blog and all the news !  Little edit  of me  – of last season and the start of the new season is coming soon !

and yeah by the way –  for the first time I´m in the Top 10 of the TTR World tour overall Ranking … stoked about that !

news coming soon … over and out

cheers mathias

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