It´s on when it´s on !

Hey hooo ! 

The last 3 weeks i had a funny and successful time in austria!  

Because the Austrian Masters in the Halfpipe and Slopestyle  3 Star TTR went down. 
On the first weekend i got 1st in the Halfpipe competition! 

On the second weekend got 1st in the Slopestyle ,  1st at the K2 Jibnight  and 1st – Best Trick Slopestyle!


Yihha  …. I also got 1st  – overall rank  Austrian Masters 2011  ( Halfpipe + Slopestyle)

And at the end of the day i won two Tickets for the TTR/WSF Worldchampionships 2012 for the  Halfpipe and Slopestyle.

Right now – I just came back home from the Wängl Tängl 2011 / Mayrhofen    Team Battle .! 

we were the Quiksilver team and our team was called „Triple Trouble“ …  

Hampus Mosesson 
Trym Nordgaard

and me.

I think we did it pretty good and at the Semi Finals –  we got 4th … finally that was the end-result because the weather wasnt that good the whole week! 

The cool thing is … i won the titel  
Most Impressive Rider of the Wängl Tängl 2011 .. 
and Im really stoked about it  !! 

We had a really funny time together on the mountain as well at the Party 😉   

Check out the video of our team  „Triple Trouble“ at the Wängl Tängl 2011 …

Im also in the new Onboard Magzine/ March  …  thanks to Absolutpark

On saturday Im going to laax – watching my girl at the British comp. 😉  and spend a nice week with  Family Nicholls ! 



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