10th # Anniversary of the Wängl Tängl !!


hoii… I hope u are all good … well last week the 10th Anniversary of the Vans Wängl Tängl went down !   u know what ?? it was just INSANE !!

We all just had soo much fun riding all together a pretty sick  and perfect shaped park !

It was again a team battle, our team was called YMCA … why YMCA ?? Young mathias clemens adrian … that´s why 🙂 we also had a pretty cool idea –  having (making) our own YMCA costumes … and I guess we won the best Style award ! 😉 for sure …

But yeah… at the end of the day we got 2nd we were just super stoked! some super heavy battles went down so yeah stoked !! everyone was just riding soo sick … great job boysss!

Another super sick thing … 2nd time in a row I got the title „Most Impressive Rider“ of the Wängl Tängl! even more stoked haha

perfect timing…


me hanging …great photo by Mike Wechselberger


and here we go little edit of the Wängl tängl 2012

Wängl Tängl edit

so yeah that was the wängl tängl  2012 !! Now Im back at home for the 5 Star TTR Quiksilver Spring battle , i´ve been up there today jumps looking pretty sweet.. gonna be a sick week  and next monday Im going to russia again this time to sochi for a Quiksilver camp…. some news and photos dropping in soon .. over and out chiah